10 buyer trends and changing patterns

With house prices skyrocketing, people are changing their buying patterns and looking for alternative and more affordable housing solutions. Read more

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Are Strangers Living In Your House?

If you are a homeowner in Toronto, the odds are good that you or your neighbour have had some sort of wildlife issue on your property. We live in one of the greenest cities in North America with an extensive ravine network. Read more



This neighbourhood is comfortably nestled between North Toronto and Forest Hill, an ideal place for families with children in close proximity to many green areas in particular the Beltline Trail and North Toronto Memorial Community Recreation Centre. At the heart … Read more


Martin O’Brien and Emily Wesson

We bought this house from Josie and Valerie six years ago, our new house with them last month, and sold this house with them last night. Home sweet home sweet home! They understood what we wanted, knew how to find … Read more