Does your house have a flaw making it harder to get top dollar?

For years we’ve been experiencing a frenzied market that has mostly favored sellers so many homeowners think that every property sells above the list price. Read more

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25th Anniversary Contest

It’s almost time to ring in the New Year, which means reflecting on our accomplishments and looking ahead to the future. Read more


Forest Hill

Forest Hill is a wealthy Toronto neighbourhood situated in the most picturesque area of the city and is home to many prominent and celebrity residents. Gently sloping hills, winding roads, charming parks and an array of proudly maintained mansions with … Read more


Mark Hamilton

Mark Hamilton

Josie Stern’s name immediately came to mind when I set about choosing a realtor to sell my house. I had seen her name on dozens of sold properties in the Hillcrest area over the years. After meeting Josie and her … Read more