Does your house have a flaw making it harder to get top dollar?

For years we’ve been experiencing a frenzied market that has mostly favored sellers so many homeowners think that every property sells above the list price. Read more

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How do you detect an agent’s integrity before you hire one?

If you were to ask people what they look for when selecting an agent their answer will run the gamut. From my agent “has to be the area expert” or “has to be a good marketer” or “has to be experienced”. Read more


North Toronto

North Toronto boasts a great selection of public, private, and independent schools, several community centres and libraries. Its street life comes alive by the many parkettes and playgrounds, numerous fine restaurants and cafes, excellent shopping opportunities, an abundance of nightlife … Read more


Erika Bartha

Erika Bartha

I appreciate their straightforward attitude which is always combined with the human touch. They have shown themselves to be the consummate professionals with incomparable real estate savvy. Read more