Do you understand how Title Insurance can benefit you?

Title Insurance is a product that many buyers don’t fully understand and don’t always take advantage of. This type of policy is paid for with a one-time premium and has two very key strengths. Read more

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25th Anniversary Contest

It’s almost time to ring in the New Year, which means reflecting on our accomplishments and looking ahead to the future. This year the Josie Stern team has a lot to celebrate – our 25th year in the business! Read more



Cedarvale is bordered by Hillcrest Village to the south, Upper Forest Hill to the north and Lower Forest Hill to the east. The magnificent Cedarvale Ravine running diagonally through the whole neighbourhood shapes the city’s most beautiful natural landscape. Cedarvale Park, spreading … Read more


Diana Fischer

Diana Fischer

Josie and Valerie know their stuff inside out, and one should follow closely what they recommend. Working with them was truly fantastic and I highly recommend them. They are truly gifted in their line of business and work incredibly hard. Read more