25 Years of Hillcrest Village trivia

I have been an ambassador for Hillcrest Village for over 25 years. In 1989 prices dropped by almost 40% until 1996 when the market reversed itself and has continued its upward climb ever since. Read more

Real Estate

Is this Re/Max ad true or misleading?

A few weeks ago a group of real estate agents had a discussion on a Facebook chat group about the Re/Max billboard. Read more


Chaplin Estates

A relatively small, upscale neighbourhood situated in midtown Toronto that consists of about 900 homes. Thanks to its location, the residents of Chaplin Estates can enjoy easy access to excellent public and private schools, shops, parks, and recreational facilities. The … Read more


Mark Hamilton

Mark Hamilton

Josie Stern’s name immediately came to mind when I set about choosing a realtor to sell my house. I had seen her name on dozens of sold properties in the Hillcrest area over the years. After meeting Josie and her … Read more