Does your house have a flaw making it harder to get top dollar?

For years we’ve been experiencing a frenzied market that has mostly favored sellers so many homeowners think that every property sells above the list price. Read more

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25th Anniversary Contest

It’s almost time to ring in the New Year, which means reflecting on our accomplishments and looking ahead to the future. Read more


Hillcrest Village

Hillcrest Village is an established Toronto neighbourhood situated 15 minutes from Toronto’s financial district. It is comprised of two neighbourhoods known as “Humewood” located north of St. Clair Avenue West and “Hillcrest” located south of St. Clair Avenue West. Hillcrest … Read more


Mike, Anna, Malcolm and Alice

Mike, Anna, Malcolm and Alice

Josie and Valerie are outstanding at what they do. Throughout our (long) process of trying to find the perfect home, they remained attentive, committed and responsive. They put our needs first and championed our cause during the negotiation process in … Read more