About Us

Josie Stern and Valerie Benchitrit
Josie Stern and Valérie Benchitrit

About Josie

A no-nonsense realtor who exudes confidence, Josie Stern feels passionately about her responsibility to her clients.

About Valérie

Val applies her extensive knowledge and experience in investments and architecture to provide her clients with solid advice.

Why Our Team

We provide exceptional personal service, customized solutions for your real estate needs and results that exceed expectations. Read ten more reasons why you should choose Josie Stern Team.

Our Sutton Office

The company vision as a Real Estate
leader is “To be the premier delivery
organization of value added goods
and services to the consumer."

Our Support Team

We work with a myriad of professionals
to help clients from beginning to end.
Marketing, administrative, technology
experts, lawyers, home inspectors, and
others are all a part of our support team.

Our Guarantee

There are ten concrete steps we take
to make sure that when you work with
Josie Stern Team, you enjoy the best
real estate representation possible.


Projects and charities we supported
and continue to support.


Do you need more information? We will
be glad to  answer all your questions!

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