The Complete Buyer’s Guide

If you decided to buy a new home without enough information you can expect to find yourself in a very stressful and chaotic position. But don't worry, you're just step away from our complete guide to help you find your dream home and to make whole process much more enjoyable.

Buyer Profile Form

This form is meant as a complete guide to your home-buying needs and is very comprehensive.

Personal Consultation

Before we start the search for your dream home we will sit down for a personal consultation in order to get a clear picture of your homeownership goals and needs.

Searching for a Home

Although this process can be overwhelming at times, you can count on us to help you sort through all the options.

Making an Offer

Once we’ve found the right house, you are ready to move to the next step of the home buying process — to submit an offer to purchase.


If make an offer on a property without competing with another buyer, we exercise our strong negotiating skills to procure the house for you at the lowest possible price.

Multiple Offers

As a home buyer, you have to be prepared to compete with other buyers in a multiple offer situation (where a single property has more than one registered offer).

A Bully Offer

A bully offer is when the seller has set a date for accepting offers and you decide to make an offer prior to that date.


When buying a property that has insurance concerns, a buyer must consider the insurability of the home.


Buying a home may be the biggest investment of your life. We want to make sure you are fully protected and that you don’t buy a “lemon”.


Before we even start the search process you should meet with a financial institution to pre-qualify for a mortgage.

Buying Opportunities

We believe there are always buying opportunities and our experience will show you the way.

Closing and Fees

Closing is the end of the long and complex process of buying a house; it’s the final transfer of money and keys.


How to prepare your family and your home for the moving? What you need to arrange in advance?

Mistakes to Avoid

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