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Magnificent by Lazurite
Magnificent by Lazurite

Buying a home may be the biggest investment of your life. We want to make sure you are fully protected and that you don’t buy a “lemon”. Properties that are not thoroughly inspected beforehand could reveal major undisclosed problems down the road that can be very expensive to remedy. Doing a home inspection can protect you by ensuring you do not buy a home with hidden problems. There are two ways to arrange an inspection:

First method:

If the property you are considering has a date set for offers, we can arrange for a home inspector to come in before that date so we can submit an unconditional offer. We would not want you to spend time and money for a home inspection if your chances of procuring the house are not high. We will advise you of your chances based on the price you are willing to pay and whether your terms might be favorable to the seller.

Sometimes the seller provides the buyer with a pre-list home inspection. We would only recommend you rely on this report if the inspection was conducted by a reputable home inspection company and that they stand by their report even though you didn’t hire them.

Second method:

The other option is to make an offer conditional on a home inspection that makes it null and void unless you are fully satisfied with the findings of the report. We will also specify a time limit for you to perform the inspection which could range from 2 to 4 days. This method would only be advisable if there are no other offers on the property.

A qualified home inspector will examine the home thoroughly from top to bottom weather permitting (roof that is covered with snow cannot be assessed, air conditioners in the winter months cannot be turned on). The inspector will examine the basement for moisture and structural defects, mold, heating and cooling systems, plumbing and electrical systems, roof, boiler or furnace, attic, windows, foundation, retaining walls, garage etc. The inspector will itemize short and long term expenses, help you prioritize them and explain the level of maintenance needed to keep the house in good repair.

We will accompany you during the home inspection and interpret things for you if necessary, follow up on any questions or clarification the inspector may have of the seller, go over the report with you to make sure it is clear and hold your hand throughout the process.

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