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Phone by mrdorkesq
Phone by mrdorkesq

A high percentage of home sellers site “lack of communication” as the #1 reason for dissatisfaction with their real estate agent. We know selling your home can be a very stressful time and we strive to make it less so by streamlining communication with you, our client. We will develop and commit to a communication plan that will include feedback from agents and buyers who have viewed your home, results of our marketing efforts and keep you abreast of any market changes. To do this we utilize traditional phone, face to face communication and regular email market reports.

Immediately after an agent shows your property we will phone them to get the buyer’s feedback. This will allow us to gage the interest level and address buyer objections in a timely way. Buyer feedback is essential. Without it we would not know what we are doing right and what could be improved upon. These are some of the things that can come out of such conversations:

  • How a buyer compares the price and condition of your home with the competition. There’s no point in burying your head in the sand – you might as well know what the buyer thinks.
  • Sometimes the agent or buyer misreads or misunderstands the MLS listing of your home and we clarify it to address any objection.
  • We use these conversations with the agent to sell them on your property and provide them with comparable properties if they are unfamiliar with the area.
  • We pass on our ideas for renovations and improvements that may not be so obvious to them – we have the expertise to do so.

Throughout the years we have found that communicating with the agent immediately after a showing is critical to get you top dollar for your house. It allows us to use our expert analytical and persuasion skills to deal with any objections and to alter the plan, if need be. The majority of listing agents don’t bother to call us for feedback after we show one of their listings. This baffles us because we are convinced we have been able to bring more buyers to the table by using the strength of skill and experience. Of course it’s time consuming to track down and speak to dozens of agents on every listing, especially since most of their clients will not be offering on your house, but it’s important, and that’s why we do it. Our goal is to procure as many offers as possible to get you the highest sale price and we’ll go the extra mile to do it.

Case study: We were marketing a listing and considering offers on a Tuesday. The time deadline for agents to register an offer had passed with no offers on the property. Our tenacious nature kicked in and we got on the phone, once again, and tracked down every agent who showed it. One of the agents was on her way up to the cottage. We used our persuasion skills to convince her the house was perfect for her clients. She agreed, spoke to her clients and gave them our feedback, turned around and came back to Toronto to present the offer. In this instance, our tenacity paid off and we procured two offers on the property and it sold for $750,000 compared to the listing price of $719,000.

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