New Wave Marketing

Next to pricing, the marketing exposure of your home will be crucial in determining whether you get top dollar for your property. That’s why we have developed and implement an extensive marketing plan that includes the latest trends in technology and online marketing.

90% of buyers search for homes on the internet, 77% of active Internet users read blogs, 845 million + people use Facebook and 200 million people use Twitter.

These numbers are staggering! We use state of the art, efficient and effective marketing methods to reach this active internet audience. Our promotional material is branded to guide visitors to our website which has extensive information about your property. When you sell with us, your home gets maximum exposure through:

Josie Stern Sign on Your Lawn

josie stern sing on your lawn 135

The name of the agent on your “for sale” sign should be a pillar of strength, credibility and integrity. “Your reputation precedes you” and if the agent you use has a questionable reputation, it will negatively impact the sale of your house. We believe having the Josie Stern name on your front lawn lends credibility to the selling process and sets a positive tone.

MLS (Multiple Listing Service)

MLS Logo

The MLS system is a co-operative selling system operated and promoted by the Toronto Real Estate Board. The system includes an inventory of listings of participating realtors and ensures a certain level of accuracy of information, professionalism and co-operation amongst realtors to effect the purchase and sale of real estate.

QR Codes

qr sternteam ca

Quick Response (QR) codes are becoming more and more popular among all age groups. We brand our promotional material with a unique QR barcode to allow easy access to our website where buyers can quickly view photos, floor plans and neighbourhood information about your property. All smartphone manufacturers are quickly implementing this technology to all of their products, so knowing more about a property has never been easier! This is a huge advantage because few agents are doing it.


The website was designed with you in mind. We want it to be rich in content and a resource center for your real estate questions. We give maximum exposure to our listings by displaying them prominently on the home page and we have designed it to ensure ease of use.


Walkscore 1

The Walkscore website hosts a service that aims to help people find a walk able place to live. A property’s Walk Score measures the distance from your home to the nearest amenities like schools, cafes, restaurants, banks, stores, and other services and rates its walk ability to these amenities to determine whether it’s easy to live a car free lifestyle. We include the Walk Score in our marketing materials to help potential buyers see the hidden benefits of your home’s location.


Facebook Listing

Facebook had 845 million monthly active users as at the end of December 2011. There’s no doubt it is the leading sharing platform in the world and also a great and personal place to present a new listing and let people know about an open house event. We include every listing in our status updates, so the listings get featured prominently among other real estate news and thoughts that users share.


Twitter Listing

As one of the easiest ways to connect with people, we use Twitter to share news about our listings. Our tweets also link to the latest Toronto real estate news, the hottest real estate listings and open house showings. We care about our clients and our followers and leverage the reach of social networks to the fullest.

Email Blasts

Our subscribers are always up-to-date with our regular e-mail blasts with our hottest listings and latest real estate news. One of our happy subscribers, Raymond, sums it up: “Of the dozens of email newsletters and e-zines I receive on a daily basis from all over the world — on topics from media to the economy — yours are the only ones I don’t delete without reading.” Diana, another subscriber states “I think your way of doing this does reaches a larger market…you did this before Barack Obama used the Internet!”



Blogging is also an integral part of our marketing plan. We write our own blog on this website where you can read our thoughts and follow the latest developments in our local real estate market as well as events in the city and the neighborhoods we call home. Our blog has been nominated 1 of the top 50 blogs to follow in North America due to its excellent content. and


Our listings are featured on one of the most popular MLS listing search site: and Your property will be plotted on a convenient map for any potential homebuyer searching for his dream home. We make sure all information, including floor plans and a maximum number of photos and video, is available and displayed prominently to make the listing stand out from the crowd.


With more than 50 million users in the U.S. alone, Craigslist is one of the most popular local classified and forum sites in North America. It is also a great place to display your property for sale. We will make sure anybody can find your listing on Craigslist.

kijiji 1

It’s a bad idea to overlook Canada’s most popular free, local classified site. With an easy-to-use format and an amazing variety of local ads, Kijiji (meaning “village” in Swahili) is a unique community in which everyone is committed to sharing and we take part by exposing your home on Kijiji.

Professional Virtual Tours

Virtual Tour

Our photographer, Darren, takes professional photos and creates a convenient virtual walk-through of the property that we can feature on various websites and promote via QR codes in print materials. Every potential buyer has the opportunity to sit back and experience an open house showing at home, which also reduces the amount of unnecessary showings for the seller. After Darren emails us the photos, his job is not yet done. He knows we will vet the photos to ensure your home is shown at its best. No detail is overlooked to present your property in the best light.

Feature Brochures

New wave marketing feature brochures

First impressions mean a lot. In order to create a positive first impression we produce a high quality showcase brochure with professional photos and a detailed list of features and upgrades of the property. Diana, a regular open house visitor viewing our brochures sums it up “you give plenty of information on the houses, which so many other Realtors don’t.”

We provide detailed income and expense statements showing cap rates and investment returns for every one of our income properties. Martine, an open house attendee sums it up “I like the way you presented the income properties, in particular I like the presentation of the financials for prospective clients. As an accountant who works for a bank, I can appreciate that kind of info.”

Newspaper Advertising

Ad for 9 Rostrevor

A traditional way of marketing a home for sale is through newspaper advertising. Drawing from our experience, we know how to maximize exposure to the right audience by selecting the right newspaper and the best format for the ad. We include a QR code leading potential buyers to this website to make the best use of the advertising space.

Postcard Quality Flyers

postcard quality flyer

Our postcard quality flyers are distributed to local residents inviting them to an open house or informing them we have just listed your property. If they are looking to buy a house – they will call us or attend the open house.

Floor Plans


Floor plans help potential buyers get a clear picture of the property’s layout and room sizes and allows them to visualize how they can make changes, if they desire. We feature professional floor plans of your property through every advertising medium possible. Home buyers will have the opportunity to analyze whether your floor plan fits their current and future needs.

Toronto Real Estate Board’s Public Website


Toronto Real Estate Board’s site is another way to engage with potential buyers, as it provides a GTA MLS Listings search. With us, you can be sure that your property will be featured correctly and thoroughly. In addition to the MLS listings search, an open house showing of your home will be advertised on the site’s “open house” section.

Agent Open Houses

Open Doors
Open Doors
by The Shopping Sherpa

We schedule an open house for agents for all our listings. This allows agents to view the property and decide if it meets their client’s needs. We encourage agents to bring their serious buyers along so we get a chance to meet the buyers and talk up the house and the area. After all, thanks to your input, we know your house best.

Public Open Houses

public open houses

Open houses are an important part of marketing a home by exposing the property to potential buyers all over the city. We will discuss the pros and cons of open houses and together we will decide if this is important for the successful sale of your house.

Call Potential Buyers by Phone

Phone by Johan Larsson
Phone by Johan Larsson

We use the dying art of the telephone call reaching out to our large data base of potential buyers personally to tell them about your house. This gives us the opportunity to exercise our strong communication skills to persuade potential buyers your house offers good value.

The Stern Team Advantage

While you’re getting your house ready for sale we immediately start promoting it to our vast network of contacts through our website, social media and word of mouth. We list countless properties which generate inquiries from hundreds of buyers weekly. If one of our listings does not suit them, we tell them about another. Furthermore our listings that generate multiple offers unfortunately have buyers who do not succeed in buying that house. We keep in touch with their agent about upcoming listings which would include your house, to keep their interest level focused on our listings.

Working with us as strong listing agents will certainly bring more potential buyers than an agent who lists sporadically in your area and has few or no buyers at all. Consequently, when it does come on the market, we will come out with a “big bang” and often have a waiting list of interested buyers.

We are sticklers for detail and we go the extra mile, so before we list your property we determine whether there is anything about your house that can negatively affect the chances of you getting the best possible price. This is an example of our thoroughness which paid off big time for our client the seller:

Case Study: We were asked to appraise a property that had been on the market previously with another brokerage listed for $425,000. The seller told us the number of buyer viewings on the property had been low and she received one offer for less than the list price but decided not to accept it. Two months later she asked us to list her house. We felt the previous list price was fair and were puzzled as to the reason for the low interest level. We concluded the front photo of the house the previous agent used to expose the property did not show it at its best and may have impacted its appeal, resulting in low buyer turnout, so we became creative.

Property Front - Image Used By Previous Agent
Property Front - Image Used By Previous Agent
Property Front - Actual Photo Of House We Used
  Property Front -
Actual Photo Of House We Used

There is no question the photo we used to expose the property was more attractive. We sold this property for $503,000, 8 weeks after the previous agent presented the seller with an offer lower than the list price of $425,000. We have no doubt our presentation of this home and the attention to detail paid off big time for the seller. We employ this level of detail to every aspect of the marketing of your home.

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